Adventurous Travel Packages To Dibang Valley

Dibang valley is a small district in the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. The district is situated on the borders of China. The panoramic valleys and the scenic Dibang River offer some spectacular views for the tourists visiting here. The Government itself offers some nice travel packages to Dibang valley. Apart from that, many private tour operators arrange for special travel packages to this valley district. The package will have some adventurous activities filled with fun. Read on to know more about the packages and their highlights.

Eastern Meadows is a tourist operator in India which offers some exciting trekking cum travel packages to Dibang valley and also its neighboring districts. The package duration is for 11 days and 10 nights. Trekking includes a visit to the last Indian tribal village in this whole region. The itinerary is designed to have a close encounter with the tribal inhabitants of the place. The cost is provide on request. You will be accommodated at tourist and inspection bungalows built by the Government which has adequate facilities. At some places tents are erected for the night for an adventurous stay.

Indian Travel Agent is a tourist operator in India who offers exclusive travel packages to Dibang valley and to the Forest parks and the wildlife sanctuaries at this place. The package is flexible according to your needs. The package has some special features like trekking at mountain ranges and water rafting in the Dibang River. Accommodation at traditional guest houses is arranged for in and around Dibang. The package also includes a stay at the Mayudia, a unique hill resort located at a distance of 56 km from Roing.

North East India Tourism arranges for some exclusive travel packages to Dibang wildlife sanctuary. The best time to avail this package is in the months of November to February. The package duration can be specified by you. You will be picked up from the Dibrugarh airport and escorted to the Circuit Houses and Inspection Bungalows near the sanctuary. The bungalows are equipped with adequate facilities. Apart from the lush green landscapes, the sanctuary is prominent for some wildlife species like the musk deer, goral and black bear. You will be taken to have a close look at these animals and that makes for an exhilarating experience. The tour operators take adequate measures to ensure your safety at the sanctuary.

An Overview Of Club Sea Breeze Products

Club Sea Breeze Products undoubtedly are a completely unique mixture, they assist people and families take full advantage of life by delivering fun, education and revenue. The Williams family owns and runs CSB. This online business is US based, specifically in Utah. It features two products: the Club Sea Breeze Travel Club Membership, plus the Club Sea Breeze Money Manager. Each one of these can be bought independently.

The CSB Travel Membership is priced at $397, it is one-time purchase, and comes with the following benefits:

1. Access to over 5,000 vacation destinations all over the world.

2. Absolutely no annual or per month maintenance premiums.

3. Simply no blackout days.

4. Unrestricted travel, escape up to 52 weeks a year.

5. No contracts or tax requirements.

6. Resort accommodations can be booked for $299 and do not go over $950 for the one week stay.

7. It is a lifetime membership that may be passed on to children and grandkids.

Club Sea Breeze Money Manger has been put together with the Financial Wellness Group. Together with Steven R Covey the Financial Wellness Group co-published “The 4 laws To Financial Prosperity” that distributed over 200,000 copies. The development of the “4 Laws” are the principles that brought together the procedures necessary to increase ones financial strengh and to cause adjustments in financial planning in lives throughout the world. The financial literacy learning course for high school and college students was also co-developed by them. Eventually this became one of the top online learning courses in the US. This course taught individuals and families the actions necessary to become financially stable. These “4 Laws” serve as inspiration and support of the product.

The CSB Money Manager is capable of many tasks. This program will evaulate your earnings, spending and saving habits; then help you create a custom financial plan very quickly. This product helps eliminate debts in about half the time without taking more from their pockets. To aid in your financial success, the Money Manager also provides a graphic and comparative review.

The Club Sea Breeze Money Manager truly assists individuals in broadening their financial resources, making use of their own income better, to plan and manage their wealth prudently. This program may be utilized for just $19.97 per month.

In summary, Kelly Williams, founder of Club Sea Breeze has performed a superb job in pairing two products that the majority of individuals can easily benefit from to boost their lifestyle. A product to help alleviate financial pressure, via teaching people much better management of your capital and a discounted travel product so families have much more opportunity to make fantastic memories by way of inexpensive travel.

Plan Your New Trip In A Travel Trailer

If you have always wanted to travel the road for either long or short distances, it is time now to plan one with your own or rented travel trailer.Commonly referred to as a caravan is not old fashioned or for the older generation, but something that is also trendy if you look at it differently.

If you have never been that friendly to air travel, but always wanted a long journey and visit far away places you can hit the road with your travel trailer. There are two types commonly found today one from the RV or recreational vehicle industry and the other from the mobile home industry.Both can be easily towed behind you car, jeep or any travel vehicle of your choice; the purpose is to provide you a space to sleep with comfort and safety like that of your own home while you are on a journey.

Choose the one that suit your needs

The most important aspect of a travel trailer is to provide you the comfort and protection that a tent will not, while you are traveling far away distances. If you are moving homes, or on a vacation / holiday, or even a road adventure, a travel trailer can help you overcome the usual worries of getting a motel or inn for resting, especially when you on unfamiliar roads. Possibility of having their own home and sleep in the comfort of their own mattress, by avoiding the hazels of finding a motel or hotel especially places where there in none in the vicinity or area. Today most of the travel trailers are categorized as a type of RV along with fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, pop-up trailers and truck campers. Choosing firstly depends on the number of people intending to travel with you; things to keep in mind our age (especially if there are toddlers or smaller / younger children), distance, facilities in the trailer and the weight of luggage you will be carrying.

Length of the trailer

Keeping in mind the market for small tours, hence they are usually smaller about 18 feet or 5.5 meters in length, making them the lightest of all travel trailers today. Little bigger than a tent on wheels to travel trailers for a large family with rooms for each person accompanied with furnishings and elements to closely resemble a home.

Important thing to remember while traveling on a travel trailer is the rules of each country for trailer campers; some countries especially in Europe have designated trailer camp sites and some even levy a tax or charge for camping. Travel trailers are more common source of traveling in countries like North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and less popular in other parts of the world.

Vacation Travel Clubs – How Much Do They Cost And What Are The Benefits of Membership?

My travel club story: Last year, my family took a “free” vacation with the obligation to attend a 90 minute Vacation Club Sales Presentation. We told ourselves before the meeting that “there is no way we are buying”. We planned to listen to what they had to say and then politely decline. At that time, taking a “freebie” vacation was about all we could manage. My husband and I are self-employed and the economy had hit us hard. So, when I received a call offering free beachfront accommodations, in exchange for 90 minutes of our time, I accepted.

The Meeting: When we arrived at the meeting (Florida Destinations) in Daytona Beach, we were served coffee and doughnuts. Each couple was assigned a sales rep and brought into a larger room to watch a video presentation of the benefits of Vacation Club Membership. By the end of the video, and the sales pitch that followed, my husband and I were wavering on our decision to “just say NO”. However, when they disclosed the price of $7995, we had to decline, because it simply wasn’t in our budget. We were then passed off from one high pressure salesperson to another where the price dropped from $7995 to $1595.

But what about all those people in the large room that had paid the full price? It didn’t seem fair to me that simply by saying “no” a few times, the price declined by 80%. When the sales manager left the room for a moment, I turned his computer around and did some quick research on the BBB. He had told me they had a “B+” rating, but when I checked, it was an “F”. That made a “no” much easier! When he came back in the room, he was embarrassed and released us to go, but if we changed our minds, his offer would hold until the following morning. At this point, he just wanted us to leave.

I made the decision that IF there were a Travel Club out there that was reputable and economical, I would consider joining. We loved the idea of vacationing for less but weren’t sure if there was a better alternative to what we had just witnessed.

So, when we got home the following week, I began to research. I found 3 legitimate travel clubs, and for two days I read reviews and found as much information as I could on each one. Although all three companies held high standards, had a large club membership and quality properties, there was one club that seemed better than the rest. This particular travel club had an enrollment fee that was a fraction of the other two, and when I learned that it had more resorts, condos, villas and hotels than all other clubs combined, it became my favorite.

Can a Travel Club Save You Money?

Absolutely, but the wrong travel club could charge you too much and have little to offer after enrollment. Before considering a travel club, consider the following:

Enrollment Costs: This can vary from a few hundred dollars up to $10,000. A good quality travel club shouldn’t charge you a fortune. It’s a good idea to stay under 1,000 for enrollment fee.
NO fees, dues or up-charges of any kind: You can’t save money on your vacations if you have yearly or monthly fees. If you want to pay fees of this kind, consider a timeshare.
Selection: A high quality travel club should have thousands of quality properties all over the world, not just one specific location.
Customer Service: Look for a club where you can call a representative or at least expect a call back if you have a question. Concierge Desks can be invaluable when planning a vacation, but not all travel clubs have a concierge desk.
More than one type of resort they represent: One of the top 3 vacation clubs ONLY represents Crown Resorts. Since they don’t have the top 9 Resort Companies, prices tend to be higher than at a club where all 9 companies are competing against each other for your business as a member.
Properties offered to members at the cost they were acquired: Resorts and condos should not be “marked up” before they are offered to its members. Public travel brokers like Expedia, Priceline, and Kayak have to mark up their inventory before offering it to the public to cover advertising and management expenses. A good “private” travel club will not mark-up inventory, the members have full access to bottom-dollar pricing.
Quality Resorts: Make sure your travel club is offering top line destinations. Don’t settle for anything less than 3,4 & 5-Star Resorts, condos, hotels and villas.

Benefits of a High Quality Private Travel Club:

Save Money: Of course, everyone wants to save money. You should expect to save 30-50% on each vacation, and sometimes upwards of 80-90%, especially on last-minute travel to specific destinations.
Low Effort: A good travel club will have done all the research for you. Instead of spending hours comparing prices between sites, all your options will be in one location for you to browse online or talk to a travel representative.
A Concierge Desk: This is a great perk some travel clubs offer. Use them if they are available, they can save you additional money on everything from rental cars and limousines to Operas, Dinner Shows and Rafting Tours.
Members only perks: Enjoy 2 for 1 Cruises, Kids cruise free, All -Inclusive Resorts, coupons and travel tips.
No Black Out Dates: You should be able to travel during any holiday or high travel week without exception.

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Travel Clubs

Are Travel Clubs worth the investment?

My traveling days have slowed down since I’ve become a new mom, my priorities have changed, but my husband and I still try and take a vacation at least once or twice a year. My boss travels several times a year and was telling me about the opportunities that come along with them and suggested that I check things out. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I started searching different sites for information on the pros and cons. I hope my findings help you with your decision on whether or not to purchase a membership.

Wondering what a travel club is? Members a charged a membership fee in return for providing travel at cost or an extremely discounted rate. There are several different types of clubs, ranging from luxury leisure travel to affordable adventure travel and a whole slew of others.

My boss chose to go with “Travel RCI”, which guaranteed the lowest prices for flights, hotels and other forms of travel. He has been very happy with the services and said he wished he would have joined earlier. The savings have truly added up for him, and they might for you as well.


Becoming a member can be extremely beneficial if you travel more than just once a year. Most memberships come with several free trip offers each year. Travel club memberships offer cheap trip options that are not available to the general public. Investing in a membership can range anywhere from unlimited flexibility in travel options, trip packages in thousands of destinations. You can save on all the extras that go hand in hand with planning a trip, like car rental, hotel reservations, airline tickets and discounts on food and drinks. Travel club membership also works like airline mile rewards programs, giving you additional benefits for traveling more.


There are a handful of different types, ranging from women’s only clubs, sport-specific like ski or golf travel to clubs for traveling singles. Most memberships require a one-time nominal fee, while other may require annual or monthly membership fees. There are also several companies that coordinate for the professionals, like teachers and dentists, with professional services related travel opportunities.

With the vast array of options and types, just about every traveler can find a club that is unique to their individual tastes. An important factor is convenience. A travel club allows members to maintain up-to-date profiles based on their travel interests that help the club to weed out potential offers and trip options for them. With a vast array of traveling tools, a travel club can simplify your travel planning process for you by keeping everything you need on an easily accessible site.


Like any other special offers and discounts you may find on the Internet today, travel club options should be thoroughly researched for legitimacy. There are many travel-related Internet scams on the Internet and they prey off vulnerable trusting individuals. Be sure to check out the company’s reputation by conducting a basic Internet search. Like contacting the Better Business Bureau, or simply calling the company in question to ask for more information.

Also, remember that the benefit of a travel clubs really ramps up once you travel twice in a given year. If you do not travel at least twice a year you will likely not save enough money to justify the cost of your membership. If you travel more than twice a year your travel club should be a great investment.

Travel clubs can be a great investment for the avid traveler. If you plan on traveling several times a year I would highly recommend that you research the different travel clubs and see which one will best suite you and your family and/or business needs. Please take the time so you too can get the best out of your future travels.

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WorldVentures opens office in SA, encourages entrepreneurship

Group travel curator, WorldVentures has opened an office in Johannesburg, South Africa – their first on the African continent. Headquartered in Plano Texas, the company also has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Ribbon-cutting for WorldVentures new office opening. From Left to right: John Keogh (Director of Compliance South Africa), Cassandra Devraj and Soojay Devraj ( International Marketing Directors), Kyle Lowe (Senior Vice President of Global Sales and International Expansion) and Kemble Morgan (General Manager Africa)
Ribbon-cutting for WorldVentures new office opening. From Left to right: John Keogh (Director of Compliance South Africa), Cassandra Devraj and Soojay Devraj ( International Marketing Directors), Kyle Lowe (Senior Vice President of Global Sales and International Expansion) and Kemble Morgan (General Manager Africa)

The office opening is significant as it communicates this US-based company’s commitment to grow their South African and African market providing earning potential and entrepreneurial opportunities that many South Africans are looking for.

Encouraging entrepreneurship, creating jobs

This comes at a time when South Africa’s unemployment rate is at approximately 5.6 million for the second quarter of 2016 (according to Statistics South Africa). “Through the innovative WorldVentures business model, we are able to encourage entrepreneurship and provide alternate revenue generating opportunities for people in need of extra money or for some, it could lead to a new career in the travel industry,” says Kyle Lowe, senior vice president of Global Sales and Business Development, WorldVentures.

The organisation prides itself on development, training, and mentorship which is often where other multi-level marketing companies fall short. “Our people are our business,” notes Lowe “and we understand and value the importance of developing, supporting and joining them on their business journeys”.

Echoes local WorldVentures general manager, Kemble Morgan, “A WorldVentures office in South Africa provides us with the structure and a platform to better provide our local independent representatives with the support, mentorship, and training that they require to build their respective businesses.”

A travel club

WorldVentures is a multi-level marketing company that invites people to purchase a DreamTrips vacation and lifestyle club membership. DreamTrips is a travel club community where members experience customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at selected restaurants, hotels, excursions and entertainment venues in destinations all over the world. DreamTrips vaunts over 6,500 different holiday destination packages in a year – all available for members to book online at members-only prices.

WorldVentures opens office in SA, encourages entrepreneurship

The premise of the company is built on members going on a DreamTrip holiday, enjoying the experience and then seeing the opportunity to sell the concept of the membership to others. Herein lies the business opportunity. For those who are passionate about the offering and embrace the entrepreneurial opportunity, they have established themselves within the organisation as independent representatives and spend their time building their own business platforms and increasing their monthly revenue.

The offices are based in Cresta Junction, opposite the Cresta Shopping Centre. The opening of the local offices was well attended by WorldVentures business partners, key media and some local celebrities including radio personality Bongani Nxumalo from Radio 2000 who not only MC-ed the event but is also, together with his wife Rejoice a WorldVentures Independent Representative.

The rise of the consumer

The director-general of the Department of Trade and Industry has recently published an invitation for the public to comment on the Draft Consumer Goods and Services Sector Code of Conduct.
The rise of the consumer
© Dmitriy Shironosov –
The draft Code appears in the Government Gazette as Notice 850 on 3 October 2014. The Code is produced pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 (CPA).

The Code is to bind all suppliers of goods in South Africa and to create a formal structure for the investigation of consumer complaints by a consumer ombud, which the Code refers to as the Consumer Goods and Service Ombud. In accordance with the provisions of the CPA, all participants in the industry to which to the Code applies must comply with the Code.

To this end, all products in the industry is referred to in the Code must meet the provisions not only of the CPA but also the Code. A list of the various economic sectors affected by the Code is produced in a schedule to the Code as Annexure B.

However, paragraph 4.2 of the Code does indicate that the particular services and goods to which the Code will apply are as follows (and includes the packaging of the goods): food, tobacco and beverages, pet food and pet products, electrical appliances, general merchandise, which includes tools, DIY, sports goods, home-care products, furniture, textiles, building material, hardware supplies, jewellery, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, LP gas, clothing and footwear apparel as well as toys and stationery.

Complaints-handling processes

Particular obligations are imposed upon participants in the above-mentioned industries to ensure that each of them establishes effective internal complaints-handling processes. Displaying of certain signage on trading premises, directing consumers to the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud and that the Code is available in the internal complaint handling procedure. In addition, all of a participant’s staff must be trained in the Code, how to deal with consumer complaints, how to resolve complaints, the recording of processes dealing with consumer complaints and the data collected must then be collated to indicate the participant’s ability to uphold the Code and ensure compliance with the provisions of the CPA.

The Code also intends to establish the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud and sets out the powers of the ombud as well as the ombud’s jurisdiction in respect of the types and nature of the complaints that the ombud may deal with in terms of the Code and the provisions of the CPA. All consumer complaints will be referred to the ombud before the matter proceeds to the National Consumer Commission and the ombud is empowered to facilitate a resolution of a complaint as between a consumer and a participant in the industries described in Annexure B to the Code.

The Code has important implications for participants in the industries identified in the Code in so far as compliance with the CPA is concerned as well as, arguably, good corporate governance.

Services excluded

For the moment, the Code does not apply to motor vehicles, banking and insurance, credit, travel club, education, competition law issues, broadcasting, debt counselling, debt collection, electricity, petroleum, estate agents, leasing, telecommunication services and complaints against the State.

Ultimately, the Code has as its primary objective, amongst those objectives set out in paragraph 2 of the Code, the following:
“The Participant within the Industry are [sic] required to pursue the objectives as set out in section 3 of the CPA, especially to:
2.4.1 reduce and ameliorate any disadvantages experienced by consumers in accessing the supply of any goods and services;
2.4.2 promote fair business practices;
2.4.3 protect consumers from: unconscionable, unfair, unreasonable, unjust or otherwise improper trade practices; and deceptive, misleading, unfair of fraudulent conduct.
2.4.4 Provide for a consistent, accessible and efficient system of consensual resolution of Disputes arising from consumer transactions.”

DreamTrips Vacation Club takes top honour World Travel Awards

DreamTrips Vacation Club was voted Europe’s Leading Travel Club for 2014 in the recent World Travel Awards.
DreamTrips Vacation Club takes top honour World Travel AwardsThe award, voted on by travel and tourism professionals worldwide, recognised DreamTrips’ outstanding service and product offerings.

“It’s an honour to be named a leader in the European travel industry and to be selected for this award by our peers,” WorldVentures co-founder and chief visionary officer Wayne Nugent said. “This outstanding accomplishment is a reflection of the high standards our entire team strives to maintain, especially our travel agency partner, Rovia, which aims to deliver excellence and unforgettable experiences to all of our members.”

Since 1993, World Travel Awards (WTA) has acknowledged and celebrated excellence across all sectors of the global tourism industry. Last year, DreamTrips was also named World’s Leading Travel Club at the 2013 WTA Grand Final. The Europe Gala Ceremony is the second stop on the annual Grand Tour which visited Dubai earlier this year and will include stops in Nigeria, Ecuador, India and Anguilla, before arriving in Morocco for the grand final in November.

Is World Ventures A Scam?

Independent World Ventures Marketing Director, Bill Ashton, offers cheap vacations to his customers. When I say cheap, I mean roughly $1-200 for a three day vacation which sounds utterly impossible. They also offer the opportunity to start your own home based travel business. This is all done through membership fees.

To join World Ventures you have to pay a one time fee of $200 and then a monthly fee of $39.00 per month. Basically, with your dues, the company purchases vacation packages in bulk and is able to offer them to you at a very low price. This is probably fairly good if you plan to take a lot of vacations in the same year. In one seminar, they noted that one member took a total of thirteen vacations in a single year.

That $39.00 per month will certainly keep the company going since each person in the organization is supposed to recruit six people who would also pay the $200 entry fee along with the $39.00 per month. It equals out to quite a bit of money as those six people will each recruit six more people which turn out build a nice steady residual income.

There are many websites out there that are dedicated to proving that World Ventures is a scam. The only real proof that has been uncovered is the fact that it has the APPEARANCE of a pyramid scheme. But members are not paid by recruiting people into the company, they are paid by selling travel club memberships only.

Furthermore, an internet search on this topic will reveal several forums where this is actually an ongoing debate. The funny thing is that all of the people who oppose World Ventures are people that have never become involved with it.

Since December of 2005 World Ventures has set out to provide outstanding vacation values that save people money and also help them make money at the same time with their own home based travel business.

A Critical Worldventures Review – Don’t Join Before You Read This!

Worldventures is a privately-owned, travel based company that markets it’s products through a network marketing model. The company started in December 2005 and is headquartered in Plano, TX. In 2009, Worldventures acquired Success University, another network marketing company selling online courses. Right now, Worldventures is operating in 11 countries including the US and the UK. In this article, I’ll give you a review of the Worldventures Opportunity while highlighting their products and comp plan. Before I start, I want to disclose that I’m not a Worldventures rep.

First, Let’s Go Over The Products

1. The first product that they offer is the Leisure Travel Consultant package. Now, what is the LTC package? As a Worldventures rep, you’re giving someone the chance to have their very own travel-booking-engine website. They can book their own travel on it, or they can get the word out to people they know to book their travel on their site. As travel gets booked on their website, they would earn a small commission.

2. The second product they market is the Dream Trips Membership. As a Worldventures rep, you can sell memberships and make a small commission every time you sell a membership. What is exactly is the Dream Trips Membership? In a nutshell, customers are buying into a “travel club” that allows them to leverage the buying power of tens of thousands of other members, giving them the opportunity to travel at discounted, wholesale prices.

Now Let’s Jump Into The Pay Plan

There are several ways to make money in Worldventures. Keep in mind, you have the ability to decide if you want to get paid a little… or a lot. It all depends on your efforts and your goals. Also, in this part of the article, I will explain the compensation plan only.

Here is a short explanation of the pay plan:

1. Direct Commissions – You can earn $20 for every new sale you personally make. This can be a Dreamtrips membership sale, a Leisure Travel Consultant package sale or both (2-for-1 combo). You can make an unlimited amount of sales and therefore generate an unlimited amount of $20 commissions.

2. Personal Sales Bonus – On top of the direct commissions, you can also earn a Personal Sales Bonus for every 6 personal sales you make. You can earn this bonus as many times as you want. This Personal Sales Bonus consists of $250 in cash and $100 in Training Dollars. Training Dollars can be used for any training events you attend that the company puts on. Again, I want to emphasize that you can earn this bonus over and over again and this is on top of the Direct Commissions you would have also earned for the 6 sales that enabled you to get a Personal Sales Bonus.

3. Weekly Team Building Bonuses (Cycles) – With Worldventures, you only have to build 2 teams: a right time and a left team. As you build these two teams out, sales will be made. Now, every time there 3 sales made on the left team and 3 sales made on the right team, a $100 cycle bonus gets paid to you. Keep in mind, these sales can be made by anyone on your team… In other words, when there are 3 sales made ANYWHERE in your left team and 3 sales made ANYWHERE in your right team, this bonus gets released. Here’s am important detail about Cycle Bonuses: the company pays out a $200 cycle bonus to you every time you cycle within your first 60 days. After your first 60 days, you can continue to earn this $200 cycle bonus as long as your are cycling at least 3 times a week.

4. Residual Income – For every 6th cycle, you will earn $20-$40 in passive, re-occurring residual income. Keep in mind that as you continue to cycle over time, this residual income will continue to grow. This is a very important aspect to think about if you want to become financially independent. What would it be like if your monthly residual income was equivalent to your monthly expenses? Over time, you can potentially have this happen and not have to worry about your monthly bills.

5. Travel Dollars – Like the residual income payout, for every 6th cycle, you’ll also earn $100 Travel Dollars. These “dollars” can be redeemed for travel booked through Rovia (air, car, hotel and cruise). This is an awesome feature as you can literally travel for free (since you’re simply redeeming your Travel Dollars when you travel) and anyone within your immediate family can redeem them.

6. Lifestyle Bonuses – As you promote yourself through the Worldventures compensation plan, there are some very lucrative Lifestyle Bonuses you can earn. For example, once you hit the position of Regional Marketing Director, the company will give you a $1,000 a month Dream Car Bonus that you can use to make a monthly payment to the car of your choice. And once you hit the position of International Marketing Director, you’ll receive a $1,500 a month Dream Car Bonus and a $3,000 a month Dream House Bonus that you can apply to your house payment. This is a very lucrative feature because the average family’s two biggest expenses are the car payment and mortgage payment. These bonuses equate to over $50,000 a year… which is on top of your actually income from the compensation plan.

Worldventures also has a recognition program and rewards people for their hard work. For example, once you earn $100,000 a year, Worldventures rewards you with their $100,000 Ring (their version of the Superbowl ring). And lastly, you can qualify to get a position placed above your curent position upon hitting IMD in the company.

So as you can see, the compensation plan is pretty good and you can make a good income by simply helping people save money on travel and/or helping others get involved with the company. With that said, let me now go into 2 pros and 2 cons from my perspective.

First, The Pros:

1. Timing – Worldventures is positioned in front of three booming trends: The $8 Trillion Travel Industry, The Baby Boomers and The Network Marketing Industry. On top of that, Worldventures itself is very young and there is plenty of room to grow and expand.

2. Sizzle Product – As a rep, you’ll have the luxury of selling a product that almost everybody loves or wants to do – VACATION! It’s easy, fun and exciting to talk about. And if you can help people save money on their vacations or help people make money on their own travel, it’s a win-win situation.

And Now The Cons:

1. Breakage In Compensation Model (Binary) – There are several features in the Comp Plan that are designed to NOT pay you what you’re worth or deserve. For example, the pay plan runs on a Binary model which pays you on two legs. In ANY Binary, there is a strong leg (power leg) and a weaker leg (pay leg). Think about this for a second. Let’s say you know a guy that you recruit into your business. Now, let’s say he becomes the company superstar and explodes his business by building a team of THOUSANDS of reps. Chance are he is in your strong leg (power leg). Well, you get paid squat on him and his team. But wait! Wasn’t it YOU who contacted and recruited him? Wasn’t it YOU who helped him build his team in the early stages? Doesn’t the company STILL bring in THOUSANDS of dollars of revenue monthly on that team that you built? Why won’t they pay YOU on all that revenue that your superstar is responsible for? Because he is in your strong leg (power leg). This is CRITICAL if you’re considering the Worldventures Opportunity. At some point, you won’t get paid on your BEST people (assuming they are in your power leg).

(By the way, this doesn’t mean ALL binaries are bad. There are some companies that run on a binary model but have components in their comp plan that enable you to profit from BOTH legs.)

2. Breakage In The Worldventures Compensation Plan – Worldventures also has a ton of breakage in it’s comp plan. For example, a MAJOR area where there’s breakage in the comp plan is the fact that you don’t qualify to get paid residuals until you’re a Director (which means you have a minimum of 90 active reps on both your right and left legs. Well, I guarantee you there are hundreds upon hundreds of reps that are not Directors but have built decent teams who don’t get paid residuals (but yet the company still brings in that monthly revenue).

Should You Get Involved?

Worldventures is not a scam. However, it’s critical that you do your research first and identify if it’s the opportunity you’re looking for. For example, if you’re interested in getting in on the front end of a young company and ride the momentum that can potentially occur when the company hits momentum, then Worldventures may be for you. But if you’re interested in building residuals DAY ONE and getting paid equally on your WHOLE team, then Worldventures may not be for you.