An Overview Of Club Sea Breeze Products

Club Sea Breeze Products undoubtedly are a completely unique mixture, they assist people and families take full advantage of life by delivering fun, education and revenue. The Williams family owns and runs CSB. This online business is US based, specifically in Utah. It features two products: the Club Sea Breeze Travel Club Membership, plus the Club Sea Breeze Money Manager. Each one of these can be bought independently.

The CSB Travel Membership is priced at $397, it is one-time purchase, and comes with the following benefits:

1. Access to over 5,000 vacation destinations all over the world.

2. Absolutely no annual or per month maintenance premiums.

3. Simply no blackout days.

4. Unrestricted travel, escape up to 52 weeks a year.

5. No contracts or tax requirements.

6. Resort accommodations can be booked for $299 and do not go over $950 for the one week stay.

7. It is a lifetime membership that may be passed on to children and grandkids.

Club Sea Breeze Money Manger has been put together with the Financial Wellness Group. Together with Steven R Covey the Financial Wellness Group co-published “The 4 laws To Financial Prosperity” that distributed over 200,000 copies. The development of the “4 Laws” are the principles that brought together the procedures necessary to increase ones financial strengh and to cause adjustments in financial planning in lives throughout the world. The financial literacy learning course for high school and college students was also co-developed by them. Eventually this became one of the top online learning courses in the US. This course taught individuals and families the actions necessary to become financially stable. These “4 Laws” serve as inspiration and support of the product.

The CSB Money Manager is capable of many tasks. This program will evaulate your earnings, spending and saving habits; then help you create a custom financial plan very quickly. This product helps eliminate debts in about half the time without taking more from their pockets. To aid in your financial success, the Money Manager also provides a graphic and comparative review.

The Club Sea Breeze Money Manager truly assists individuals in broadening their financial resources, making use of their own income better, to plan and manage their wealth prudently. This program may be utilized for just $19.97 per month.

In summary, Kelly Williams, founder of Club Sea Breeze has performed a superb job in pairing two products that the majority of individuals can easily benefit from to boost their lifestyle. A product to help alleviate financial pressure, via teaching people much better management of your capital and a discounted travel product so families have much more opportunity to make fantastic memories by way of inexpensive travel.